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Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind, Dr. Georgia Ede

Join us as we explore the groundbreaking insights of Dr. Georgia Ede, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and author of the upcoming book “Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind.” Dr. Ede delves into the powerful connection between our dietary choices and mental health, offering a fresh perspective on treating mental health issues.
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Throughout the discussion, Dr. Ede shares her expertise on how conventional nutritional guidelines might be failing our mental well-being and explains the role that foods like processed carbohydrates and sugar play in mental health disorders. She also debunks common myths about dietary fats and brain health, and sheds light on the potential of specific diets, including the #ketogenic and #carnivorediet , in managing and improving mental health conditions.

This interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of nutrition and psychiatry, those seeking alternative approaches to mental health care, or anyone curious about how simple changes in diet can lead to significant improvements in mental wellness.

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