About Us

Hello, I’m so glad you’ve come to join us! I hope you will follow along as our family learns the ways to garden, raising chickens, canning and preserving food, living on less, fixing and building things, and so much more!  We are a family of six that recently decided to move out of our small city and move out to the country.  Our house is a fixer upper on a large lot, but everything is coming along great.  We are eager to build our homestead and raise animals and grow as a family, but I realize that this will be a long, hard journey, but will be rewarding.

If you are like us, in the (early) learning stages, I hope that you can learn from our accomplishments and (mistakes).  And if you are an experienced homesteader, I hope that you will be kind and be willing to share your insights and suggestions with us and our readers so we can learn a trick or two along the way.