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About Us

Hello, I’m so glad you’ve come to join us. I hope you will follow along as our family learns to garden, raise chickens, can and preserve food and so much more, all while sharing our journey on YouTube!

We also custom build handmade, custom wood signs and crafts on our homestead. We have a sign shop on our homestead and produce signs sold at local stores, on this website and on our (new) Homestead Store located in Montello WI!

About Us

My wife Jen and I have four children, triplets plus one! We moved from the city and bought our 20 acre homestead in 2015.

Using modern technology like YouTube and to learn new skills, we as a family have worked on countless homestead related projects and homestead businesses. First, we spent months fixing up our new homestead. Later we installed an outdoor wood fired boiler which heats our entire homestead and our water. We went on to start an AirbNb rental business here on our homestead, built a chicken coop, started a custom wood sign and more business, goat house, garden, green house, fruit orchard, corn field, watermelon patch and last year we built an entire tiny house on our homestead!

We document our projects and share them on Youtube. Follow:  

TOP VIDEO: We Build a Greenhouse!