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We are DESIGNED to LIVE Longer with Dr Chaffee

Have you ever wondered why people are getting heart disease in their 30s and 40s? It’s a major problem that’s been on the rise since 1910, and it’s something we should all be aware of. In this video, we discuss why this is happening and how we can live a longer, healthier life. We are designed to live a lot longer, but our bodies are decaying and degenerating. Learn how to take control of your health and be vigorous and healthy for the next 100 years. #shortsvideo #carnivore #carnivorediet #carnivorecommunity

Carnivore Documentary:
We are in the process of creating a documentary on the carnivore diet, aiming to share it with the world. Our goal is to follow real people who have adopted the carnivore diet for a year, including those who are obese, diabetic, or have arthritis. However, we cannot make this project possible without your assistance. Visit our website to participate or learn more:

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