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Adam: A Compassionate Carnivore’s Journey to Health & LIVE QA

Join us for an exclusive live stream with Adam, the mastermind behind the popular YouTube channel, Carnivore Today. From his personal battle with vitiligo to his transformative journey into the world of carnivore diet, Adam has a story that is as compelling as it is inspiring. Adam is also a compassionate carnivore volunteering his time to help with the carnivore diet documentary. In this intimate conversation, we’ll uncover the motivation behind his decision to champion the carnivore lifestyle, dive deep into the wealth of health benefits he’s experienced, and explore the challenges and triumphs of running his successful channel. Plus, get the inside scoop on our upcoming carnivore diet movie, a passion project aimed at debunking myths and spreading awareness about this revolutionary dietary approach. Get ready to unleash your inner carnivore!

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