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THE BEST TENT IN THE WORLD! (Winter Tent Camping & Setup in Freezing Weather- Wilderness Tent)

Katie and I survive our first night camping in freezing weather with our new Wilderness hot tent/wall tent!

In terms of the BEST tent in the world, there can be only one and in my opinioin it is the WALL TENT! See why wall tents are the top tents around.

Our wall tent from arrives and we prepare the poles, we cure the wood stove and we set off on our first winter camping adventure and its going to be cold. We do some winter camp cooking on our wood stove. This video features 6 parts, but we think you will enjoy the entire episode.
Part 1- Prepping the Poles
Part 2- Unboxing our hot wall tent
Part 3- Curing our tent’s wood stove
Part 4- Adventure Begins- We Setup the Tent
Part 5- Our first overnight camp in Freezing cold weather
Part 6- Our Review

The purpose and definition of a tent is “shelter”. A wall tent not only provides great shelter, it also provides warmth and a place to cook with a wood stove. It’s like a portable tiny house that can be setup anywhere and used in the coldest of climates. It’s also the best tent because unlike traditional tents you don’t have to hunch over and crawl around on the ground. When your inside a wall tent it’s like being inside a small cabin. You can stand up straight. You have an area to sleep, sit and cook. Wall Tents are the BEST!
Come along with us on our wall tent adventure!


*We were not paid to promote this product. We were given the product and we provided an honest assessment and review.
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