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Key Pros & Cons one must know before Keeping Doberman Pinscher Breed as ESA



Have you been feeling depressed in this pandemic? Being alone and away from your friends can make you sad. Sometimes, all you need is a furry and cuddly dog to cheer you up in these difficult times. Keeping a dog can provide you with lots of advantages but sometimes it can be disadvantageous too. The process of getting a dog can be a lot easier if carried out through the proper method. 

If you have decided to get a Doberman pinscher dog, you must know how to get one. You can consult your psychiatrist if you want to get an emotional support animal. In case you can get an emotional support dog letter, you will be able to take your dog anywhere you go. Having a dog around will have to keep you happy and mentally healthy. You will have a constant source of entertainment with you. 


Keeping Doberman pinscher Breed as ESA


Have you got a Doberman pinscher dog for you? It is a good choice for an entertaining partner. But the research does report certain cons along with its pros. Before getting this dog you need to evaluate if you can live with any problems this dog breed can pose. Here are certain facts about this dog breed. You can go through these points and can make an informed decision. 


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Protective behavior 


If you have gone to a place to get this dog, the first thing you need to ask is its behavior. Doberman dogs are considered very loyal and protective of their owners. For their protective behavior, they are also considered as the best guard dogs having emotional support animal letter. They will try to save you from anything that will seem like a threat to them. 




If you miss the affection from your friends, you can get a Doberman pinscher for this purpose. They are famous for showing affection and care towards people. 




If you are serious about being physically healthy, get a Doberman dog. By being playful and active, it will keep you busy and healthy. Your routine physical activity will increase by playing and chasing this Emotional Support Dog




This dog breed is also famous for its intelligence. They are the most preferable guard dogs because they are intelligent and trainable breeds. You can teach them about several activities by combining them with rewards. So if you want your dog to be responsive towards you, then getting one from Doberman can be a good option. 




Aggressive Nature 


If you are looking for a harmless Emotional Support Cat, the Doberman dog is not an option for you. They are quite protective which can also be seen in their aggression towards other people. If you want a naïve kind of dog then do not include this breed in your search. 


Hard to Handle 


If you are not a very active person then handling this dog might be difficult for you. Also, its temperament can pose an issue for you as it will start barking at other strangers. So you can make many friends with this dog around. It can make socializing a little problematic for you. 


Not suitable for kids


As it is a quite huge dog it can be left unsupervised with older children. But if you are considering this breed with your kids around, it would not be the best idea. It is harmless but it would not be appropriate to let kids handle this on their own. 

The Doberman breed will provide much more advantages than disadvantages. You can easily get this dog if you have got an emotional animal support letter. You can take this dog to public places or restaurants too if you have such an esa letter for housing

You will have a lot of fun with this breed. It will also not shed fur everywhere. If you get allergies from the fur of such animals it can be best suited for you. You can get a very loyal friend and partner to lower your loneliness. 


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