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How to confidently pass exams and without panic?
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From session to session, students live happily . It is this expression that characterizes how student life goes over the course of four to five years. Freshmen, hearing the word "session" begin to get scared and intensively prepare for it, sitting at the Talmuds for days and nights, gnawing at the granite of science. But senior students who have already passed more than one session know exactly how to combine exam preparation and sweet dreams.
When should you start preparing?
As with any business, preparation takes a certain amount of time. It is best if you attend lectures and workshops, where you are provided with all the information contained in the tickets. You should not believe the films, where they show how a student learns all tickets in a couple of days, and then successfully passes everything. Better to sit down to pre-written notes, repeat lectures and learn what you missed.
In a higher education institution, usually no more than three days pass between examination days. During this time, you will not have time to learn all the tickets that were designed for your work from the very beginning of the school year. So the best advice is to prepare for the session a little at once. Correct any problems that may prevent you from starting a session. For example, you might not have closed some homework on the history or the abstract on psychology Mauger t life s such that due to illness or work, you do not wait too long to prepare, in this case all the same than before start, the study will be more productive.
How to properly prepare for the session
Stress and anxiety are an integral part of any important work, this also applies to university exams. However, it is worth noting that constant worry, reduced sleep and increased cramming are far from good for the student, and this is proved by many studies.

Scientific Approach to Session Passing
Several important factors affecting academic success:
Proper sleep.
Contrary to the existing tradition of students cram the night, scientists St . Lawrence University found that the same neurons work in the brain during sleep as during learning. We conclude that it will be most productive to read the most difficult part of the tickets before falling asleep, and, just as important , before midnight. This way our brain will distribute all the material into long-term memory, and you will have a better chance of getting an excellent grade.
Balanced diet.
Even in order for the brain to better perceive the information that you are trying to put into it, there is a special nutritional system, diet, in other words.
Its essence is quite simple: try to replenish the reserves of vitamin B contained in eggs, cheese, bananas, milk. These products will take care of the proper functioning of your nervous system (and it will be very useful to you). Whole grain cereals are also useful during intensive study, they are rich in fiber and trace elements that stimulate the brain. Condiments can also be used to improve your mind - turmeric improves memory, while peppermint will keep you focused. Equally important are the omega-3s found in walnuts, peanuts, salmon, and tuna. After eating enough healthy food, you are allowed to delight yourself with chocolate, the dessert is rich in flavonoids, which has a calming effect, helping the brain to solve complex cognitive tasks and simply cheer up.
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