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Carnivore Day 7 – “I COULDN’T BREATHE & Nearly DIED”

Welcome back to our journey on the Carnivore Diet! In this riveting new episode, we are sharing our experiences as husband and wife, both committed to the Carnivore lifestyle – myself, Kerry, at Day 120 and my wife, Jen, at Day 7.

In this episode, we get real about what it means to stick together “in sickness and in health.” We delve deep into the long battle I faced with sleep apnea – a condition so severe, it almost claimed my life over 100 times. Through countless nights, Jen was there, jolting me awake each time I stopped breathing.

Now, the tables have turned and I find myself standing by her side as she tackles her own health issues, embarking on her journey with the Carnivore diet.

Join us as we unpack our stories of struggle, persistence, and mutual support. We’ll share how adopting the Carnivore diet has been a game changer, not just for our health but for our bond as a couple.

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Remember, it’s not just about food; it’s about leading a healthier and fulfilling life. Let’s do this!

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