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DAY 85- Is the Carnivore Diet KILLING ME?

I’m now 85 days deep into the carnivore diet and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. With a weight loss of 40lbs and numerous significant improvements in my health and wellbeing, I’m witnessing changes I couldn’t have imagined. Yet, I keep hearing the warnings: the carnivore diet will be the end of me. That consuming meat will shorten my life, that skyrocketing levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol will be my downfall.

To get a sense of the reality behind these claims, I decided to conduct a self-experiment. I turned to an online tool that predicts one’s lifespan based on responses to 40 health-related questions. Now, I’ve used this tool to compare my current state on Day 85 of the carnivore diet with my health status before I embarked on this dietary journey. Stay tuned to discover how my estimated lifespan has been impacted by the carnivore diet.

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