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Online HomeStead Freedom Conference

November 6-10th

Learn how to become a homesteader and take control of your time and freedom. With over 50 expert homesteader speakers, the HomeSteadHow.com conference will show you how to take back your freedom.

Whether you want to turn your suburban home into a homestead or upgrade to your dream homestead…. the purpose of this conference is to show you how to take back your freedom.

Conference Agenda
November 6-10th
  1. Homestead goals
  2. Lessons from new homesteaders
  3. How to get started
  1. What livestock to start with
  2. Homestead side business ideas
  3. How to convert your current home into a homestead that works for you
  4. Learn to build anything and everything on a homestead
  5. How to preserve and can food
  6. How to transition from city life
  1. How we afford our homestead
  2. Homestead businesses
  3. Homestead costs and ways to save money
Over 50 Expert HomeSteader Speakers
learn from the best:
Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews

Born on the farm in Capay, Michael showed an early proficiency in the machine shop and is responsible for designing tools used on the farm today.

Kathleen Barsotti
Kathleen Barsotti

Born in Belmont, CA, Kathleen attended UC Riverside where she earned her B.S. in Agriculture. She is sole proprietor and manager of the farm.

mark ronson
mark ronson

He has commitment to build a strong financial model for farmers to connect produce directly to consumers by strategically managing our current programs.