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TOP 5 GO-TO Carnivore FOODS (Got me thru Year 1!)

Embarking on a #carnivore diet journey brings its challenges and triumphs. In this video, I’m excited to share the five essential meals that have not only sustained me but ensured I thrived through my first year on this journey. From the nutrient-rich simplicity of eggs to the hearty satisfaction of steak, these are the meals that kept me energized, satisfied, and committed to the carnivore lifestyle. Join me as we dive into each meal, uncovering the flavors and techniques that make them stand out. Whether you’re new to carnivore or looking for meal inspiration, these favorites are sure to inspire your next dish.

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This is the beef tallow that I have used my entire Carnivore journey:

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This is my little outdoor charcoal egg grill that gets super hot:

This is my ninja air fryer that I love because it has a top heating element and it gets a nice bark on the steak or you can cook it super low and slow:

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