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Healing Humanity- LIVE with Robin Switzer, Hack Your Health 2024

Join me, Kerry Mann Jr., on a live stream with Adam and Emily where we will be chatting with Robin Switzer, the visionary founder of KetoCon’s Hack Your Health event, about what attendees can anticipate at this summer’s gathering in Austin, Texas. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to engage directly and ask any questions you might have while I have Robin on the stream!

I’m thrilled to announce that our Healing Humanity team will be present at the Hack-Your-Health. If you’re keen on exploring the intersection of diet and wellness, this event is not to be missed. For those interested in joining, please follow this link: []( Plus, as a bonus for my community, use my discount code SBG50 at checkout to enjoy a $50 saving on your ticket price. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of education, community, and health innovation!

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Content here is for educational purposes from my personal journey with the Carnivore Diet. It’s not medical advice. I’m not a medical professional. Consult with a healthcare provider for diet or health changes. Information is based on my views and for discussion and learning.

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