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Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind! Dr. Ede, Dr. Chaffee, Dr. Hampton LIVESTREAM!

Join us for a special live stream event as we delve into the powerful connection between nutrition and mental health featuring Dr. Gerogia Ede, Dr. Tony Hampton and Dr. Anthony Chaffee and more!
1. Reach out to those in need, spreading awareness about the crucial connection between nutrition and mental health.
2. Share Dr. Georgia Ede’s insightful book “Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind”. Check it out here: [Book Link](
3. Support the “Healing Humanity” documentary through fundraising efforts:

**πŸ•– Hour 1 – 7 PM CST: Main Discussion Roundtable**
_Guest Introductions:_
– Dr. Georgia Ede
– Dr. Tony Hampton @DrTonyHampton
– Dr. Anthony Chaffee @anthonychaffeemd
– Hosts: Kerry & Adam @Homesteadhow @CarnivoreToday
– Alia (overseeing Fundraising and Book Promotion) @aliawells

Focused Questions:
– Dr. Ede on the link between nutrition and mental health.
– Dr. Hampton on balancing nutritional guidance and traditional treatments.
– Dr. Chaffee on managing skepticism about diet and health.
– Group Discussions on nutrition advice, mental health improvements, educational strategies, dietary interventions, advancements in nutritional psychiatry, transformative stories, and overcoming dietary change challenges.

πŸ•— Hour 2 – 8 PM CST: Personal Testimonies
– Bill Nott – @billnott5811
– Emily Penton- @emilypenton
– Carnivore Soldier @carnivoresoldier
– Amanda Carnivorous Me @CarnivorousMe1
– Todd Bockness @TheCarnivoreCure
– JT- @PokoMoonFam
– Jeff D @BlessingsOnMyJourney

Segment Outline:
– Personal testimonies about mental health transformation through Proper Human Diet.
– Guests’ questions for the panel.

πŸ•˜ Hour 3 – 9 PM CST: Audience Engagement
– Open forum for audience questions with the expert panel.

Stay tuned for an enlightening journey into the world of nutritional psychiatry, and join us in supporting a cause that matters.

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