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From 760 lbs to Carnivore King: Todd’s Keto Transformation! 🧀🥩

Check out Todd from @TheCarnivoreCure YouTube Channel, a 40-year-old who used to weigh between 715 to 760 lbs. Follow along as we explore his journey of cutting out dairy and adopting a keto lifestyle. From cheese lover to carnivore – watch the transition!🧀🥩 Join us as we explore the carnivore diet and say goodbye to greens. 🌿 And let’s not overlook his struggle with addiction to diet soda! 🥤 Check out the full story here: 💪 #KetoLife #CarnivoreDiet #NoMoreLettuce #DairyFree #KetoneMeter #HealthyChoices #SodaAddiction #HealthJourney #Shorts

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