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We Bought a Movie Theater: Was It a Dream Come True or a Nightmare? One-Year Update

🎬 Welcome to this special live stream from Homesteadhow! 🎬

One year ago, we did something most people only dream of: We bought our own movie theater in our small town. Today, we’re here to give you the inside scoop on what it’s been like to own and operate this community treasure for an entire year.

🎥 What’s In This Live Stream? 🎥

Was it the dream we thought it would be or a total nightmare?
The highs and lows: From sold-out nights to unexpected challenges.
Financial reality check: Did we actually make money?
Community Impact: How has our theater affected the local community?
The unexpected surprises and lessons learned along the way.
Your Questions Answered: A live Q&A at the end of the stream!

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