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🔴 WE NEED HELP: Live ‘Hanging With the Browns’ & Request for Carnivore Stories for 24 Hr Live

Our 24 Hour Carnivore Live Stream is in a few days on 9/16!

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The lineup is amazing with Dr Berry, Dr. Weideman, Dr Baker, Dr Chaffee, Dr Hampton, Dr Kiltz, Dr Ovadia AND so many more BUT its filling up. WE NEED MORE INSPIRING INDIVIDUAL STORIES Like this one I am about to share from Hanging with the Browns. I LOVE THEIR STORY. We will show this story during the 24 hour live stream, we will shout their YouTube channel out as well AND we want to do the same for you.

Unfortunately, our 24-hour livestream schedule is almost fully booked, but we’re still on the hunt for more awe-inspiring testimonials like the one from Hanging With the Browns.

🎥 How to Participate:

Record Your Video: Share your inspiring Carnivore Diet story. Aim for around 5 minutes.
Give a Shoutout: Feel free to mention your YouTube channel or any other platform you’d like to promote.
Email Your Video: Send it to
📅 What Happens Next:

We’ll feature your video during the 24-hour livestream. If we run out of time, don’t worry—I’ll extend the stream to hour 25, 26, 27, or however long it takes to make sure your story is heard and we can shout you out.

Subscribe lets get them past 1000 subscribers!

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