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10-Hour Carnivore LIVE STREAM – An Unprecedented Gathering of Carnivores Guests!

Join hosts Kerry and Emma for an unprecedented, record-breaking 10-hour livestream dedicated entirely to the Carnivore Diet!

Best way to help:
(Every dollar donated during 10 hour livestream will be matched 1 for 1 by a generous donor)

Get ready for a day filled with riveting discussions, spontaneous guest appearances, Q&A sessions, and more. From 7am to 5pm CST, this is one carnivore-centric marathon you won’t want to miss!

On this grand stage, expect your favorite carnivore YouTubers, enthusiasts, and possibly some renowned doctors like Dr. Chaffee to make guest appearances. We’ve also extended invites to other heavyweight carnivore advocates like Dr. Baker, Dr. Berry, Dr. Hampton, and Dr. Kiltz.

And that’s not all! We have special appearances lined up from Alaska Bill Nott and Daisy. If you’re part of the carnivore community and can spare anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours, we’d be thrilled to have you join us.

Importantly, this event aims to raise funds for, helping us spread real-life inspiring carnivore stories to those seeking hope and better health.

Join us as we make carnivore history!

Stream starts on Friday, (8/4) at 7am CST. Set your reminders NOW!

Remember to subscribe, like, and share this livestream link to help us reach more carnivore enthusiasts and create a bigger impact!

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