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Carnivore Jack at 78: Wisdom and Triumph Against the Odds

Meet Jack, a vibrant 78-year-old who started his carnivorous journey in January of this year. Not long ago, life threw Jack a curveball with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Undeterred, he took control of his health. Since then, Jack has felt fantastic, bursting with energy and living life to the fullest.

But Jack’s talents don’t stop at the dinner table. He’s also a budding author, working on his fantasy novel tentatively titled ‘Charlie Decker and the Lords of Timor.’ As Jack shares his carnivorous wisdom and talks about the transformative power of a meat-based diet, he’s also hoping to find an agent to help connect him with a publisher for his book.

Tune into this episode to explore Jack’s journey, from his dietary choices to his literary ambitions. His story serves as an inspiring example of how it’s never too late to make changes and chase dreams. Jack defies age norms and is a testament to the power of a determined spirit and a carnivorous diet. Don’t miss out on his extraordinary story of health, vitality, and creative expression.
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