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Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Health: A LIVE Conversation with Dr. Tony Hampton & QA

Join us as we sit down with Dr. Tony Hampton, a renowned family physician, author, and health advocate who has dedicated his career to tackling chronic diseases. FOLLOW Dr. Hampton:

With a special focus on diabetes, Dr. Hampton’s work provides a holistic approach that bridges the gap between nutrition and medicine. In this podcast, we delve into his journey in the medical field, the challenges our society faces regarding health, and the transformative power of a good diet.

Dr. Hampton also shares insights from his book, “Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes,” providing valuable tips on how diet can not only manage but also significantly improve chronic health conditions. We’ll be busting some common misconceptions about managing chronic diseases through diet and giving you key tips for leading a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you’re someone who’s dealing with a chronic condition, someone who cares for a person with a chronic illness, or simply someone interested in living a healthier life, this conversation with Dr. Hampton is not to be missed. Make sure to tune in and ASK your questions afterwards in our live QA

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