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WE LOST MOM!! Homestead, Triplets, Steak, Stunt & Theater Fix “MOM!”

Welcome to another exciting episode of our HomesteadHow journey! In today’s vlog, we’re celebrating not just one, but THREE 16th birthdays. That’s right, our beloved triplets have hit the big one-six, and we’re going all out with a homemade, sizzling steak dinner to commemorate this special day.

But our day doesn’t end there. As a family that thrives on challenges, we’ve taken on a new exciting project – restoring our quaint small-town theater. Emma and I roll up our sleeves and dive into the thick of it, bringing the magic of this once forgotten space back to life. We’re excited to show you the before and after – you won’t believe the transformation!

Dad Does his own #homestead #Carnivore #Stunt

But wait… amidst all the fun, chaos, and laughter, we seem to have misplaced something… or rather someone. Where’s MOM? Join us as we navigate our way through this jam-packed day of adventures.

Remember, life is all about enjoying the journey. We’re so thrilled to share ours with you. Enjoy watching, and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more HomesteadHow fun!

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