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Carnivores Don’t Concuss! (I think) #carnivore #fail #ouch

“Carnivores Don’t Get Concussions!” (I think 🤔). Here’s a snapshot – each morning at the crack of dawn for weeks now, I workout and do pull-ups here…. But today… let’s say I felt more like a slapstick comedian. 😅 A little tumble didn’t break me, though (Carnivires Don’t Break) I’m still here and I’m OK (it’s bow been 24 hours and I’m fine)

My girls practically rolled on the floor laughing as my feet decided to stage a spontaneous aerial dance, in an attempt to.. overcome gravity? (Dad, were you practicing your flamingo impression?) So now, I’ve earned the honorary title of ‘Twinkle-toes’. 😂

Holding onto a 4×4 with just my fingertips instead of a friendly, grip-able pullup bar (which i can wrap my fingers around fully) proved to be quite the challenge. To keep my dignity (and bones) intact in the future, I’ll be inviting a sturdy chair into my morning ritual.

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