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Arguing Dr. Chaffee AGAINST the Carnivore Diet (part 2)

Join us for a riveting live stream event, “Arguing Dr. Chaffee AGAINST the Carnivore Diet” this Sunday at 9.30 am CST. Prepare to embark on a challenging exploration of the contentious Carnivore Diet with the renowned Dr. Anthony Chaffee.

In this interactive session, we’re not shying away from the tough questions. We’ll take a hard look at #carnivorediet, throwing some of the most intense criticisms and questions its way. From health concerns to sustainability, no topic is off-limits.

But that’s not all – you, the audience, are a crucial part of this conversation. We want to hear your thoughts, your concerns, and your arguments against the Carnivore Diet. Share your ideas, and let’s see if Dr. Chaffee can counter them.

This live stream promises to provide a thought-provoking debate on one of the most controversial diets of our time. Bring your curiosity, your doubts, and your open minds – let’s dig into the meat of the matter.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage directly with Dr. Chaffee, and potentially reshape your views on diet and health. See you there!

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