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Living My Best Life: Homesteader, Carnivore, Theater Owner, and Kayak Adventurer! Day in My Life

Join me for an action-packed day in my unique life! I’m not your average #homesteader, theater owner, or kayak adventurer – I’m also committed to the carnivore diet. From sunrise to sunset, I’ll take you through our homestead, managing a movie theater, paddling through thrilling waterways, and sticking to my meat-only dietary regimen.

Learn how I balance my passions while keeping up with the demanding yet rewarding lifestyle of a homesteader. And as the day winds down, we’ll dive into the exciting world of cinema.

Whether you’re curious about the #carnivorediet love the idea of living close to nature, are a film aficionado, or an adventure seeker – there’s something in this day for you! So come on, spend a day in my life, and let’s make it an unforgettable one!
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