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Carnivore Diet Day 92: Lies, Lies, Lies – LEARN The Disturbing Truth

I at meat for 92 days and it changed my entire life THIS and are you ready to uncover the disturbing truth behind the lies that have shaped our diet and health? Join me on Day 92 of my carnivore diet journey as I reveal the insidious, profit-driven deceptions that have been fed to us as nutritional “truths.”

From the unfounded belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to the demonization of meat and healthy fats, we’ve been misled on a massive scale.

But there is a way out of the maze. With the clarity I’ve gained from the carnivore diet, I’m here to guide you through the fog and towards a healthier, happier life. In this video, I share my personal experiences and draw on the wisdom of respected health experts to expose the lies and present a new path forward.

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0:00 – Carnivore Diet Day 92: Introduction
0:33 – Updates: Carnivore Diet Day 92 Progress
1:46 – Weight Loss Progress Report
2:04 – Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Influence on my Carnivore Journey
2:54 – Dr. Kiltz’s Insight on Plant Consumption
3:50 – Gleaning Inspiration from Ferrigno Freedom
4:44 – Why I’m Filming Outside Today
5:07– Unmasking Nutrition Misconceptions
6:50 – Debunking the “Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day” Myth
7:20 – Exposing Kellogg’s Deception (Credit: @HenryBelcasster)
9:55 – Learning from Heart Surgeon Dr. Phillip Ovadia
11:17 – Cholesterol Myths Uncovered
11:49 – Disproving Ansel Keys’ Anti-Meat Claims
12:20 – Debunking the “Meat is Deadly” Myth
14:28 – The Lie that Sugar is Harmless – It’s a Drug!
15:29 – The Deceptive “Eat in Moderation” Lie
16:43 – Challenging the “Cholesterol is Dangerous” Myth
17:58 – Countering Vegan Propaganda
22:07 – Discussing the Upcoming Carnivore Diet Documentary
23:23 – Key Takeaways from My Carnivore Diet Journey: Day 92

Carnivore Documentary:
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I am not a doctor and the content in this video is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. Individual results may vary.

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