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Day In OUR Life – Homesteader, Family & Movie Theater-Owner & NEW CAR!

We’re excited to bring you along on a whirlwind of a day in our quirky, homesteading, movie-theater owning life. There’s always something happening here!

We kick off the day with Jen heroically saving a snapping turtle from the middle of the road. 🐢✨ It’s one of those unexpected adventures that really makes life on the homestead so special. Follow along as we give you a glimpse into our daily routines and let’s hear it for Jen, our snapping turtle hero!

Next, we celebrate a HUGE moment for Katie. 🎉🚗 She’s been diligently saving for years and now the moment has arrived – she’s buying a new car! Join us as we test drive and finally drive home in Katie’s dream car. It’s a ride you won’t want to miss!

And of course, what would a day be without some updates on our charming, vintage movie theater?

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