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Carnivore Dad & Daughter Live Q&A

Join us, Kerry and Emma from HomesteadHow, for a real-time Q&A session where we delve into our remarkable journey into the Carnivore Diet. I (Kerry) have been following this intriguing diet for a solid 86 days, while Emma has recently achieved her 36-day milestone. We are excited to share our experiences, the wisdom we’ve gathered, the triumphs we’ve celebrated, and the obstacles we’ve encountered along this unique dietary path.

In this livestream, we’ll discuss our motivations for adopting the Carnivore Diet, give you a peek into our typical meals, share our favourite carnivore-approved recipes, and discuss how we’ve navigated social situations and food cravings. We’re eager to respond to your questions about the Carnivore Diet. Whether you’re considering starting it, currently facing challenges with it, or are simply curious about our experiences, we’re here to help.

We aim to share our diverse experiences in order to motivate, enlighten, and perhaps even challenge your notions about this unconventional diet. It’s more than just consuming meat; it’s a journey into a new perspective on nutrition, health, and lifestyle.

Carnivore Documentary:
We are in the process of creating a documentary on the carnivore diet, aiming to share it with the world. Our goal is to follow real people who have adopted the carnivore diet for a year, including those who are obese, diabetic, or have arthritis. However, we cannot make this project possible without your assistance. Visit our website to participate or learn more:

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Join us for this frank discussion about our Carnivore Diet journey and learn how it’s making a difference in our lives on the homestead. We welcome your questions, insights, and personal experiences as we foster a supportive community that promotes and educates each other in the quest for healthier living.

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