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Day 64: Is Carnivore Diet Really SUPER Human Diet?

Welcome back to my journey! Today marks Day 64 of my personal experiment with the #carnivorediet. Let’s take a closer look at the progress and benefits I experienced on #carnivore

The most significant achievement so far? I’m down 35 lbs and feeling better than ever! But the scale isn’t the only place I’m noticing improvements:

Gut Health: My Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and heartburn issues have completely vanished. No more sleepless nights due to discomfort!

Sleep Quality: Speaking of sleep, it’s improved dramatically. No more tossing and turning and feeling fatigued in the morning.

Arthritis: The pain and stiffness I once had? Completely gone. I’m moving with ease and comfort.

Then, there are a few unexpected improvements that have been a pleasant surprise:

Sense of Smell: It’s back, and it seems even better than before.

Endurance: I feel like I have more energy and can power through my days more effectively.

Allergies: The seasonal yellow dust, pollen that once had me reaching for tissues and antihistamines? No more allergic reactions!

We can’t forget about strength:

Strength: When I began this journey, I couldn’t curl a 46 lbs weight. Now? It’s part of my routine.

A few more benefits to highlight:

Recovery: My recovery time after workouts has significantly improved.

Mood: This might be the most noticeable change of all. I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude that has positively influenced every aspect of my life.

Mental Sharpness: Even my mental acuity seems enhanced. I’ve been acing gamok is truly the SUPER Human Diet. Let’s explore the benefits and challenges together and find out if it’s a viable

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