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Carnivore Diet: 60 Days of MEAT, I Was Not Prepared For This!

In this video, I take you on a surprising journey as I try the Carnivore Diet for 60 whole days. This means I only ate meat – no fruits, no veggies, no grains, no legumes…just meat, eggs, bacon and butter. I documented my entire experience, and trust me, the results were nothing short of astonishing.

Join me as I debunk myths and unravel truths about the carnivore diet. Whether you’re curious about the diet, considering trying it out, or just want to see what happens when someone eats nothing but meat for 60 days, this video is a must-watch.

Huge Life-Changing Thank you to the following @FerrignoFreedom @KenDBerryMD @JordanBPeterson @mikhaila @joerogan @DrBerg
0:00 – 60 Day Carnivore Diet Intro
1:17 – Healthy Issues Before Carnivore Diet
2:10 – Brain Fog
2:50 – Golfing
3:05 – Mental Clarity on Carnivore Diet
4:04 – My Carnivore Dental Experience
6:28 – Hair Growth on Carnivore
7:00– Carnivore Diet Fixed my Sense of Smell
9:20 – MOST health issues are due to the FOOD WE EAT
10:25 – My Daughter Lilly and HS (Skin Inflammation) on Carnivore Diet
11:59 – My Bad Experience on Carnivore
14:45 – Why I Don’t Cheat on Carnivore Meat Diet
17:40 – Sugar is addictive
19:29- Carnivore is way less expensive VS SAD
21:27 – 3 of my Daughters are now Carnivores Including a Vegan!

Please remember that I’m not a dietitian or a doctor, and this was just an experiment based on personal interest. Always consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet.
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