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DIY Vertical Gutter Garden & OffGrid Irrigation System!

My 13 year old daughter builds this amazing DIY Vertical Gutter Garden with an automated (offgrid) watering system! See how it all turns out and learn how to make your own DIY vertical garden. Also the Sketch-up plans are available here:

Here is a link to the Amazon Watering Kit we used–

We built this A-Frame garden because our homestead soil has failed us the last few years. This is a simple DIY project and a good opportunity to teach my daughter some building lessons. I designed this project in 3d using Google Sketchup. Those plans are free for you to use here. We also have a gravity fed rainwater setup from last year that can (with the help of 2 AA batteries and a RainWater Kit from Amazon) auto-water the garden on a set schedule for us!

This is a beginner level DIY project using some 2x2s and some PVC gutters. My 13 year old daughter (Katie) built almost this entire project herself (with just a bit of help from Dad). The setup is nice because we can position it where we want and Katie can own it 100%.

8- 2x2x8 pressure treated boards
1- 2x6x8 pressure treated board (this will be cut down to 5 feet long not 8, so get shorter if you can find it. In our project we used cedar because we had it)
3- 10 foot PVC rain gutters
12- gutter end caps
12- Gutter Attachment Brackets
4- 4 inch flap hinges
1- Box of 2 1/2in construction screws
1- Container of wire staples or similar. The Auto-Watering Kit comes with some staples but we needed more.
1- Automatic Watering Kit from Amazon (

Wire cutter/aviation snips (something to cut the small water tubing)
Countersink bit or bit to predrill holes

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