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30 Ways To Use Firewood Ash [STOP WASTING IT!]

STOP wasting your #firewood ash! In today’s video we share 30 ways to use ash on your homestead!

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0:53 TIP 1- (CLEANING) Clean wood stove glass
1:26 TIP 2- (CLEANING) Clean glass stove top
1:56 TIP 3- (LIVESTOCK) Supplient chicken feed
2:30 TIP 4- (HOUSEHOLD) Reduce smells in fridge/freezer
2:49 TIP 5- (HOUSEHOLD) Wood ash toothpaste
3:21 TIP 6- (GARDEN) Amend soil
3:52 TIP 7- (GARDEN) Amend compost
4:00 TIP 8- (GARDEN) reduce snail/slug in garden
4:33 TIP 9 – (GARDEN) Prevent plant frost damage
4:55 TIP 10- (GARDEN) Garden insualter
5:15 TIP 11- (LIVESTOCK) Chicken dust bath
5:30 TIP 12- (LIVESTOCK) Animal fur protection
6:00 TIP 13- (LIVESTOCK) Deodorize chicken coop
7:00 TIP 14 (LIVESTOCK) Ash kitty litter
7:30 TIP 15- (HOUSEHOLD) Reduce skunk smells
7:50 TIP 16- (HOUSEHOLD) Cleaning silver
8:25 TIP 17- (HOUSEHOLD) Home-made soap
9:00 TIP 18- (GARDEN) Reduce algae
9:20 TIP 19- (HOUSEHOLD) Natural mice repellant
9:55 TIP 20 – (HOUSEHOLD) Fabric protector
10:30 TIP 21 – (HOUSEHOLD) DIY dry shampoo
11:20 TIP 22 – (HOUSEHOLD) Wound care
12:00 TIP 23 – (HOUSEHOLD) Deodorant
12:30 TIP 24 – (HOUSEHOLD) Fire extinguisher
13:00 TIP 25 – (HOUSEHOLD) Cleaning grill grate
13:30 TIP 26 – (GARDEN) See storage
14:00 TIP 27 – (GARAGE) Clean oil spills
14:30 TIP 28 – (GARAGE) Hide oil spills
14:50 TIP 29 – (GARDEN) Get rid of ant hills
15:30 TIP 30 – (HOUSEHOLD) Pet-safe ice melt
16:00 TIP 31 – (GARAGE) Get your car unstuck with wood ash

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