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Cutest Poofey Head Baby Chick…We Get Baby Chicks in the Mail!

Today in an awesome day on the homestead…the new baby chicks arrived from Meyer Hatchery…we set up the brooder and then we are ready to go to the post office to pick up our new baby chicks . I’ll discuss some great tips on setup for your brooder, feeders and watering advice and tell you what is all included in the Meyer Hatchery Set Up Kit.

Here are some quick tips:

Keep them warm. For the first week you have to keep them at 95 degrees on one side of their box. The other side of their box is a cooler side if they get too hot they can move. Keep their food and water in the cooler area as they like to sleep in the warm area.

Then you drop the temp 5 degrees each week until they are big enough and its warm enough for them to go outside in their new coop. So on the 2nd week it is 90 degrees on the warm side. When you order a baby chicken kit from Meyers Hatchery, they send you everything you will need including a heat lamp and a thermometer, which is really important.

Their kit also includes a water and food dish, with baby chick food and vitamins for your babies to grow. Be sure to change their water at least twice daily, AND Be patient. Just leave them alone and let them grow, you don’t have to do anything.

You can pick up and love your new babies, but be sure to give them their space as well, they get stressed just like humans do and chickens can get sick from stress.

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