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We Upgrade our AirBnB Rental with a YourWelcome Tablet

One of the ways we make money for our homestead is by renting part of it out on AirBnB (we did a video a while back all about this). Our rental is getting really busy this summer and to help our guests have a better experience, save time and make us some additional income- we are adding a Guest tablet from

Guests will be able to see house guides, things to do in the area, maps, wifi info and so much more right from the tablet. They can even surf the web AND best of all they can order additional services from us for an additional cost. For example if they want to check out 3 hours late, they can order a late checkout and pay us $25 extra via the YourWelcome tablet.

We plan to offer other services too- like a frozen pizza package. Check out for more into and if you want to learn more about our rental, visit:


HomesteadHow is about a family of six who left the city to live and grow on 20 acres. We are rookies sharing our journey with you. To all the preppers, homesteaders, or survivalists who wants to live a more simple live, come learn with us!

Videos will include fun projects related to woodworking, logging, gardening, livestock and more…We are not experts but learning hands-on and sharing our experiences with you.

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